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Education and Care

Pre-school Education

It includes early learning programmes developed through play-based, experience based activities, generally for children aged 3 to 5/6 years of age, have the objective of improving children’s use of language and social skills, refining and contextualizing the develop logical and reasoning skills, support children’s capacities of expression and creativity, introducing alphabetical and mathematical concepts and codes; encouraging children to explore their surrounding world and environment, by supporting scientific curiosities; supervising gross motor skills through games and other activities; activating social interactions with peers and to develop skills, autonomy and school readiness[1]. These programmes are usually implemented in pre-primary schools, Grade 0 or Grade R (e.g. pre-primary classes in primary schools).

Early Primary Schooling

Early learning programmes, focusing on experiences and projects, interactive, competency based teaching-learning, parenting, usually for children from 5/6 to 8 years of age, contribute to develop the critical thinking; familiarize contents and codes and reading writing and math skills; strengthen social skills, emotional awareness and relational competencies. These programmes are typically implemented in primary schools G1 and G2 (or P1 and P2).


Care and early learning programmes, child minding, focusing on playing, using songs, tales, basic experiences and perceptive discoveries etc. for children aged, generally, between 3 months and 3 years, aims to support children in the early development of language/s; scaffold children’s development of social skills; start to develop logical and reasoning skills (basis for critical thinking); encourage the exploration of the world and environment; supervised gross motor activities through games and other activities; boost social interactions with peers, autonomy and school readiness. Services where these programmes are run are formal childcare centres, day-care centres, and informal day-care facilities, home care facilities, community care facilities.

Education and Care services system

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Age services system

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