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The significance of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in building a strong foundation for lifelong learning and for personal, social and economic development is well documented.
In 2010, the first ever World Congress on ECCE held in Moscow reaffirmed the right of all children to ECCE, and underscored it as the basis for “building the wealth of nations” (UNESCO 2010). More recently, in Incheon, the 2015 World Education Forum (UNESCO 2015) recognized ECCE as an inescapable enabler for realizing “equity of education quality and lifelong learning for all”.
A sizeable body of upper-tier research initiatives worldwide has created a knowledge base across all sectors of ECCE, not only benefiting service provision but also supporting advocacy of ECCE investments worldwide.
This literature includes major initiatives that have synthesized research (e.g., IBE, 2015, Lancet, 2017), clarified it for various audiences (e.g., World Bank 2016), and produced important tools for monitoring and evaluation and for developing effective interventions (e.g., UNESCO, 2015).
The ECCE research and development community is vibrant, lively, and making sophisticated advances.
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