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The HECDI Framework (2014) lays out 4 overall targets and 20 sub-targets for the monitoring of young children’s development and wellbeing at the population level. The targets span health, nutrition, education, social protection, poverty and parental support, thus ensuring a holistic measure of whether a child is achieving their developmental potential.

Targets and indicators

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The 4 overall targets are:

  1. Children survive and demonstrate age-appropriate development and learning (6 sub-targets)
  2. Children experience cognitively stimulating, emotionally supportive home environments with adequate resources (9 sub-targets)
  3. Children and families have access to quality programmes and services addressing health care, good nutrition, education and social protection (4 sub-targets)
  4. Children’s rights are protected and upheld through the implementation of policies and programmes to support children and families (1 sub-target)

The definitions sheet of the spreadsheet file lists sub-targets along with target codes indicating to which overall target they belong (consistent with target codes from HECDI Framework (2014)). The area of focus column indicates whether the sub-target relates to health, nutrition, education, social protection, poverty or parental support.