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Indicators and Data sources

The HECDI Framework (2014) outlines proposed indicators and data sources for each sub-target. In order to move towards a workable and well-defined Single Value Indicator, a review was conducted which aided the prioritisation and combination of multiple indicators, highlighted limitations in some of the suggested indicators and data sources, and suggested more specific or relevant indicators and data sources.

The definitions sheet of the spreadsheet file details the number of indicators suggested in the HECDI Framework (2014) and provides notes on potential limitations of a given indicator, suggestions for prioritising or combining multiple indicators of it, or refining the definition of it. Based on this evaluation, a single, well-defined suggested indicator for each sub-target is provided in the definitions sheet. Data sources suggested in the HECDI Framework (2014) were also assessed, and were validated and prioritised, leading to a suggested primary source for each sub-target, along with detailed references to locations of available data. Potential Secondary Sources are also provided as possible alternatives to the primary suggested sources.
Four sub-targets are flagged (indicated in orange) for significant suggested changes in definition or for issues around a lack of consistent existing approach or data availability issues. Target 1.3 – not suffering from frequent or chronic illness – is suggested to be changed to not suffering from disability due to difficulty in defining a stable construct for the former or sourcing valid data. Additionally, the inclusion of disability as an indicator was an obvious oversight in the previous work. Targets 2.2, 2.3 and 3.1 are country-level indicators relating to policy or service delivery, for which there are no existing consistent approaches to defining then and as such no available data. It is suggested that either a set of specific and internationally comparable criteria for these sub-targets be created while considering the availability of relevant data sources, or that these be reconsidered as inclusions within the HECDI at this point in time.

For the purposes of a comprehensive simulation, these four indicators are still included in the calculations provided here, with suggested working definitions.