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1.1 Surive past age 5HealthUnder-5 mortality rate
1.2 Born without low birthweightHealth% Low-birthweight babies (% of births)
1.3 Not suffering from freq/chronic illness. Should be changed to "disability"Health% children with severe disability
1.4 Demonstrate age-appropriate development/learningEducation% 36-59 month old children developmentally "on track"
1.5 Healthy weight (obesity)Nutrition% Overweight under age 5
1.6 Healthy weight (malnutrition)Nutrition% Stunted under age 5 (less than two standard deviations below median for the international reference population)
2.1 Access to improved drinking water and sanitationHealthAverage of % Access to improved drinking water sources AND % use of improved sanitation facilities
2.2 Policies for paid parental leaveParent SupportIs there any maternal leave policy? Is there any paternal leave policy
2.3 Programs for parent support and education Parent SupportAre programs to support/improve parenting available to parents?
2.4. Maternal EducationParent SupportMother average years of schooling (learning-adjusted)
2.5 Maternal Wellbeing and absence of depressionParent Support% of mothers happy
2.6 Emotionally supportive home - absence of domestic violence and violent disciplineParent Support% children aged 1-14 years who experience physical punishment and/or psychological aggression by caregivers past month
2.7 Experience frequent cognitive stimulationParent Support% children age 24-59 months engaged in four or more activities to provide early stimulation and responsive care in the last 3 days
2.8 Experience adequate daily careParent Support% children under 5 left alone of with sibilng under 10 for more than a week in last week
2.9 Children not living in povertyPoverty% of children under age 18 live on less than US$1.90 per day
3.1 Country/community monitors and responds to growth/nutritional statusNutritionIs there a system approach to monitoring child growth
3.2 Access to comprehensive preventitive/medical care, including well-baby checks, immunizations and responses to emergency needHealthAverage % women receiving post-natal health check AND % 24-35 month year olds have full immunization coverage
3.3 Mothers have access to pregnancy/birth servicesHealthAverage % mothers with skilled birth attendent AND % pregnancies with >=4 antenatal visits
3.4 Access to quality ECCE from birth to school entryEducation% children age 36-59 months who are attending an early childhood education programme
4.1 Country/state provides legal guarentee of rightsEquity and Social Protection% children registered at birth